The History of Our Farm

February, 2018

New Commercial Kitchen

After years of producing all of our value-added products in our small 120sf commercial kitchen in the basement of our house, we finally moved up to a new larger space right here on the farm. We bought and converted a skid mounted office trailer into a new 720sf commercial kitchen that included a new washroom, staff room, and storage room. This was a god-send as it was much easier to get our materials in and out of this kitchen compared to what we had to do bringing everything down into the basement of the house and then out again. It was getting too hard on the body to haul all this material back and forth.
April, 2018

The New Harvester Gets a Bath


We have been fortunate to have had a mechanical harvester to harvest our berries for a number of years now. But our original machine was getting a little long in the tooth. So, in late 2017 we factory ordered a new machine from Poland and it arrived in the spring of 2018. It came with a number of improvements specifically designed for harvesting saskatoons which increased our harvest yield and made harvesting quicker and safer.