Hot Saskatoon Thai Red Chili Jam

$10.00 / 250 ml

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What do you get with you take our great Saskatoon jam and mix in some hot Thai red chilies?  You get absolutely amazing!  This jam will take your party appetizers to the next level.  Try a dollap of this jam over a cracker and a piece of cheese.  It’s OMG good!


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The Thai red chilies give our regular saskatoon jam just enough kick to make this the perfect accompaniment to cheese and crackers at your next party.  It’s the perfect balance between the sweetness of the saskatoon jam and the fiery heat from the Thai chilies.  It’s not smokin’ hot, but has enough heat to let you know this isn’t your grand mother’s saskatoon jam anymore.  Try baking a wheel of Brie in the oven and placing some jam on top after it comes out of the oven.  It’ll be a smash hit at your next gathering of friends and family.


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