Saskatoon Jam

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Our Saskatoon jam is our best-seller here at the farm!  Made with our best saskatoon berries and lots of love, this jam is delicious with just about anything.  Old standbys such as toast make this a delightful combination.  But this jam can also be used in new ways to take your existing recipes to a new level such as a rub over a baked ham, or adding a dollop of jam with brie cheese and a cracker as an appetizer are just a couple of examples.


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Our Saskatoon jam is our most popular product.  And for good reason.  It’s excellent.  We use only our best fruit in our jams and it shows in the taste and texture of our jams. Lots of fresh berry taste and the vibrant purple color and the sweet apple – almond flavour is perfect complement to a freshly toasted piece of bread or bagel.  But our saskatoon jam is much more than just a morning/breakfast thing.  Make a saskatoon jam/maple syrup sauce to serve with a baked ham, or try putting some jam over a baked brie to serve at you next wine & cheese gathering with friends.  Now we’re talking!


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