Saskatoon Pie – 5″ Mini

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Our mini Saskatoon pies are perfect for people who don’t need one of our regular sized pies.  These are a deep dish 5″ pie that are perfect for two people to share or for one person intent on eating the whole thing!  Hand-made from the exact same receipe as our full size pies, just smaller.


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Our saskatoon mini pie has proven to be a hit with seniors and other folks who desire a smaller version of our regular saskatoon pie.  Every bit as delicious as it’s big brother, the mini is made from the same recipe and is just as easy to bake as our other frozen ready-to-bake pies.  And since they are smaller that means they are easy to store in the freezer as they don’t take up as much space.  So if you have limited freeezer space, you can now afford to have a few in stock for when you have a craving for saskatoon pie at 3am…


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Nutrition Facts Label

Ingredients: Saskatoon berries, water, flour, sugar, lard, lemon
juice, saskatoon juice, modified corn starch, egg, vinegar, salt.
Contains: Wheat, Egg.

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