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General Information

At Solstice Berry Farm we have a 40 acre saskatoon orchard, 30 acres of which is dedicated to our commercial harvest operation and the remaining 10 acres is part of our u-pick operation.  We grow two main varieties of saskatoon berries, Northline and Smoky.  Both have excellent taste and are highly suited for fresh eating or for processing/baking applications.  We grade our berries to meet or exceed federally established standards created by the Saskatoon Berry Council of Canada of which our farm is a member.  We also employ full tracability of all of our berries and processed products to ensure the health and safety of our customers.

To clean and sort our berries we employ the latest technology using an optical color and soft sorter as well as a destemmer.  All fruit is also visually inspected as well before being packaged in our cleaning facility. We grade all of our fruit into three basic grades: Grade A (Premium) which are our finest berries, Grade B (Process) which are a slightly lower quality but highly suitable for processing into jams, pies etc, and Grade C (Juice) which is perfect for making juice,  concentrate, puree’s, etc.


Fresh Saskatoons

Fresh saskatoons are only available during our harvest season for approxiamately 3 to 4 weeks which typically runs from late July into early to mid August, depending on the weather.  Our fresh berries are always sorted to Grade A standards and are then packaged into 170g clamshells or 2.5lb plastic bags.   Other custom packaging sizes could be made available depending on customer requirements.  Fresh berries can also be purchased unsorted right off the harvester during our harvest season if desired.


Frozen Saskatoons

Frozen saskatoons are how we sell the bulk of our production every year.  They are available year-round and are available in the three grades A, B, and C.   We package our berries in 600g standup resealable pouches (Grade A only) and 25lb boxes for all grades.  Our 600g bags of berries are packaged 12/case and 72 cases/pallet.  Our 25lb boxes are packaged 64 boxes/pallet (1600 lbs).


Processed Products

Solstice Berry Farm also operates an Alberta Health Services licensed commercial kitchen on the farm where we make a line of preserves, pies, pie filling, syrups, sauces and juice.  You can find the list of products we currently make by looking at our online store.

For wholesale purchases, there is a minimum purchase amount of $250/order.  When ordering any of our jarred/bottled products, the minimum order per product is 1 case which are packaged 12 units/case.  Preserves are packaged in 250ml jars, dessert topping in 500 ml jars, sauces are packaged in 375ml bottles, and our juice is packaged in a 946ml bottle.  All of our pies are frozen ready-to-bake in two sizes (8″ regular and a 5″ mini) and our pie filling is frozen ready-to-use packaged in a 960g container.  The minimum order for any of these frozen products is 1 case.  Pies are packaged 12 units/case, and our pie filling is packaged 6 units/case.  All of our products nut-free, contain no artificial colors or flavours and are gluten friendly (except for our pies).

For further details on commercial volumes of saskatoon berries or wholesale orders, please fill in the form below.  We look forward to working with you!

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