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August 19th, 2022 Update:

Our U-Pick is now closed for the season.  Thank you to all our customers who came out to visit us and pick berries this year.  We very much appreciated your patronage of our farm.  If you missed out, don’t worry, we harvested a lot of saskatoon berries at the peak of ripeness and have frozen them so we have an ample supply for sale for the rest of the year.  You can order from our online store, or checkout one of our local retailers in and around Calgary.

August 14th, 2022 Update:

The U-Pick is going strong and the berries are awesome, but please note that we will be closing the U-Pick on Friday August 19th at the end of the day!  If you’re waiting, don’t wait any longer or you’ll miss out!

August 7th, 2022 Update:

The U-Pick is in full swing now and the berries are beautiful and plentiful.  So far, thankfully, all the big nasty storms have missed us.  So if you’ve been patiently waiting, now’s the time to come out and pick!

We also have gorgeous pre-picked and cleaned berries available in our on-farm store right now!  The price is $16.75 for a 2.5lb bag.  If you’re wanting pre-picked fresh berries, please don’t wait as they will not be available for very long.

July 22nd, 2022 Update:

Our U-Pick will open this coming Monday, July 25th as previously stated, however, our saskatoon berries will not be ready for picking just yet.  Our cool spring has delayed the ripening a bit.  We anticipate that we will have some berries to pick by late in the week or into the August long weekend.

Our on-farm store will be open however, and is fully stocked with all of our products should you wish to come out for a drive.  Bring a picnic lunch with you and enjoy the orchard!

Our u-pick hours are: Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am – 6pm.  No appointment is necessary.  We will be open 7 days a week until there are no more berries to pick (approx. Aug 15-20).

July 5th, 2022 Update:

This years berry crop looks excellent!  There are lots of berries on the bushes and they are coming along nicely.  We have our fingers crossed that we don’t get any nasty weather between now and harvest time!


We anticipate opening the U-Pick on July 25, 2022, but we will confirm that date as we progress through July depending on the weather conditions.  Hot weather will speed the ripening up and cool/wet weather will slow the ripening down and this will affect our opening date.


At Solstice Berry Farm we charge by weight for all berries picked.  We feel this is a fairer way to price our product.  This year our price for U-Pick will be $3.75/lb.  You can bring your own pails, or we have new U-pick 4L ice cream pails available for sale for $3.00.  We do not charge an admission fee, nor do we charge a “grazing” fee either.  We don’t mind if you sample some berries while picking, but we do ask you to be respectful of all our hardwork and expense that goes into our orchard and pay for all the berries you pick.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our farm and we hope you enjoy your visit!

We will post further updates here, so check back often.

Thanks from all of us at Solstice Berry Farm!

Who We Are

Solstice Berry Farm is family-owned and operated, growing high quality saskatoon berries since 2003.  We are privileged to be located in the gorgeous foothills of the Rocky Mountains, just NW of Calgary, Alberta. We are a family who are passionate about saskatoons, so much so that we have chosen only to grow these berries.  Saskatoon berries are such a powerhouse of anti-oxidants, nutrition and most importantly, great taste!  On our farm we continually strive to be responsible stewards of the land, and in the process creating a place we call home, we love sharing our journey, passion and experiences with others.  Welcome to our Home!

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Pick Your Own Berries

At Solstice Berry Farm we specilize in growing Saskatoon berries exclusively.  Besides growing the best berries, we also hand craft a line of premium artisinal preserves and pies with the berries we grow.  And if you like to pick your own berries, we have a 10 acre u-pick that you can bring the whole family out and enjoy a day on the farm picking the freshest most delicious berries!

Online Store

Are you looking for some delicious, hand-crafted saskatoon berry products?  Well look no further! From jams and syrup to juice and ready to bake pies, we have variety of products that are sure to please.  Check out our brand new Online Store and see for yourself!

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